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Daily Multi - Daily Multi Vitamin & Mineral Supplement

Daily Multi - Daily Multi Vitamin & Mineral Supplement

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Get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals with this herbal multivitamin!

This blend features a supergreen that we lovingly call the "vitamin tree", Moringa.  She's also known as the vitamin tree because of the nutritional power that she packs!

This beautiful blend contains Moringa, Nettles, Biden Alba, Chickweed, Red Clover, Passionflower, Raspberry Leaf and Apple Cider Vinegar.  This blend brings countless minerals and vitamins to the table and will help fill some nutritional gaps.  We can all use more vitamins and minerals that are actually bioavailable, so we're pleased to have this blend as a daily ally.

Take 1-2 droppers orally per day. 

Safe for use during pregnancy.

Shake well before each use.

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