Meet the Alchemist: Tara Rawson

A life-long mystic, muse, thought leader & teacher nestled in the forest at her retreat center in Florida, Tara's dharma (or life’s purpose) is to serve women in this exquisite experience of being feminine & awakening to a truly orgasmic life.

Tara has spent the last 25 years studying all facets of Tantra, Vedic sciences, Ayurveda, western herbalism, and allied subjects throughout both India and the U.S.

Tara teaches & mentors from an awakened state with decades of sadhana or, dedicated spiritual practice, ecstatic marriage, motherhood & purposeful work in the world that's grounded in her devotion to serving humankind.

When she's not teaching & mentoring women in their spiritual practice & Sacred Union, you can catch her tending herbal gardens at her 42-acre farm on the Suwannee River and swimming like a mermaid in the pristine freshwater springs that surround her retreat center.

The creation and abundance never stop overflowing from our herbalist and teacher, Tara so stay in touch to get her latest offerings. They're always in-depth and enlightening and you can find lots of free live teachings on the way of womanhood in her private FB group, SOW: Shakti of Women.

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A Heart Full of Gratitude

Thank you for taking the time to read and be here with me. It's my sincere desire and mission in life to help humanity heal and thrive. Walk with me on this journey and you'll experience a heart full of gratitude for the love and abundance that unfolds in your own life as well.